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Wednesday 21st February 2024

Aleatoric Saxophone Quartet

Ben Balwin (Soprano Sax) * Evie Cooper (Alto Sax)

Hannah Kermode (Tenor Sax) * Florence Ryan (Baritone Sax)

Aeleatoric Sax 4tet pub photo 1_edited.jpg

The Aleatoric Saxophone Quartet are a modern classical saxophone quartet playing a mix classical, contemporary and folk music. At their concerts they enjoy sharing music they have discovered, arranged and even written as a group. 


The quartet is made up of 4 Royal Birmingham Conservatoire students; Ben Baldwin (Soprano) Evie Cooper (Alto) Hannah Kermode (Tenor) and Florence Ryan (Baritone)


In this concert they will be present exciting new music, soothing classical arrangements and reimagined folk reels.

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